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Reporting is one of the main sources for analyzing a team’s work and efficiency. Reports give you a clear and complex overview at the whole-project level, including information of each individual's results. So, let's track time, compare it with estimates and get more insights with reports to optimize your workflow! ⏳

Track time spent on issues

Planyway offers several time tracking views to record time efforts — list and calendar. You can easily activate the timer or log the time you spend manually. Simply select an issue and add a work description. Afterwards, all data can be exported to a CSV or Excel format for further analysis.

You can learn more about Planyway time tracking for Jira in this help article.

Build time tracking report

Use the ‘Reports’ tab to build a detailed report. See how much time was tracked on issues per user and project.

Kindly note that Planyway will calculate tracked time based on the connected projects:

Planyway Jira Reports Connected Projects

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to select projects that weren’t initially connected to your Planyway as well.

As part of the daily routine, team members may record start and end work time. You can filter tracked time not only by project, but by user as well. Simply click on corresponding buttons above the chart.

Planyway Jira Reports Select Projects And Users

There, you can also set the date range to check reported hours for any period of time. Pick the first date, scroll forward to the specific end date and then click ‘Accept’.

Planyway Jira Reports Date Period

Once that's done, you will see the report of total tracked time for selected projects for the specified time period. You can group tracked time per issues on the project or user basis.

Planyway Jira Reports Total Tracked Time

Taking a look at the records, you’ll see right away if you spend too much or not enough time on issues than expected. That’ll help you to make better estimates in the future.

To wrap things up, reports allow you to have more transparency about how you spend valuable time. Make sure that things are on track to hit all the deadlines. Keep your team productive and motivated. 💪

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