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There you have it. A place to see, actually see, the total tracked time per tasks, boards, and members. But not only that, you can also check the estimated vs actual time spent on tasks looking at colorful infographics. What a dream!

Turn on the Reports tab

Not seeing the Reports tab? Click the 3-dot menu to the right of other tabs. Make sure to turn on the Reports toggle to see the new tab in Planyway.

Planyway Reports Reports Tab

The Reports tab is offering you two view modes:

  • Tracked time

  • Tracked vs Estimated

Planyway Reports Two Modes

Below you’ll find the detailed explanation about each mode.

Visualize tracked time

The Tracked time mode accumulates logged time from all the projects connected to your collection. You can use filters to select more boards. Their members will be taken into account automatically.

Planyway Reports Select Boards

Here, you can group tracked time by different parameters:

  • Group by boards and then by members, lists, and tasks

  • Group by members and then by boards and tasks

  • Group by tasks

To change the selected date period, click the calendar drop-down menu above the column chart.

Compare tracked vs estimated time

The tracked vs estimated mode allows you to view the ratio between the estimated and spent time for a task.

The formula is calculated as: (1 – Tracked Time / Estimation) x 100%.

Here you’ll see all the tasks from the connected boards for all the time. You can select additional boards and their members to be included in the report.

Planyway Reports Estimated vs Tracked Mode

Here’s how to read the progress bar of the tracked vs estimated report. Tooltips will be there for you as well.

Planyway Reports Estimated vs Tracked Ratio

Can’t wait to build reports, but need to know more about time tracking? Here are two articles that explain how time tracking and time estimation work in Planyway.

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