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Managing workload in Planyway for Jira
Managing workload in Planyway for Jira
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Make resource planning as easy as never before by optimizing your team workload based on the daily capacity.

Define work hours

To define the daily capacity of team members, open Planyway settings and choose the number of working hours per day.

Displaying workload in Planyway for Jira Workload Settings

Working hours settings apply to all projects and to the whole team, and can’t be defined per individual member or project.

Add estimations to issues

To be able to calculate a team’s workload, you have to estimate how much time tasks could take.

Displaying workload in Planyway for Jira Estimation

The total estimation will be equally divided by the number of days a task lasts. To learn more about estimation, take a look at Jira’s documentation about configuring estimation and tracking.

Note: Planyway can only show the original time estimate on issues. Story points and custom estimation field aren't visualized on Planyway cards.

Visualize workload on the timeline

To see the daily workload per team member, find the Workload tab on top of the Planyway timeline/calendar. To visualize how much time cards were estimated to complete and how much time was logged on them, turn on the corresponding fields.

Displaying workload in Planyway Workload Tab

The workload is visible on a daily scale only. If you zoom out till weeks, months or quarters, the workload will disappear from the view.

Note: Weekends aren’t taken into account when estimation and daily capacity are calculated.

By stretching scheduled items to a side, you can change their duration and, therefore, optimize the workload to make sure it doesn’t exceed the daily capacity.

Understand the Workload Indicators

-3.2h Under allocated hours
= Perfectly allocated hours
+2h Over allocated hours
- No estimation added to an issue

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