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Time Tracking in Planyway can help you and your team to log the time spent on tasks by adding time entries to cards. Furthermore, the time tracking mode makes it easy to report and keep an eye on your own and your team’s time entries.

Choose the view: Calendar or List

To see a list of time entries from all connected boards, select the List view in the time tracking mode.

Planyway Time Tracking List View

To visualize time entries on the weekly calendar, switch to the Calendar view in the time tracking mode.

Planyway Time Tracking Calendar View

Tip: Click View at the top right to hide weekends.

Use time tracking filters

Quick filter Only me allows you to see only your own time entries in the time tracking mode.

Planyway Time Tracking Only Me Filter

You can apply the usual filters in this mode as well. To learn more about filters in Planyway, please check our help article about Filters.

Add time entries in the time tracking mode

1. Log time manually. Select a card you worked on, add a note if necessary, define the date and time period or just add a duration, then click + Add time entry to add a new one.

2. Start the timer. Select a parent card, add a note if necessary, press the Timer button to launch it. Once you stop the timer, a time entry will be added to the card.

Planyway Time Tracking Start Timer

3. Create time entries by drag & drop. Drag and drop cards from the tasklist/board panel to the calendar in the time tracking mode to create multiple time entries for these cards. One card can be dragged and dropped to the multiple time slots.

4. Add time entries by click. Click anywhere on the calendar in the time tracking mode to add a time entry. Stretch a time entry up and down to adjust its duration. Search for a parent card, add a note, then click Save.

If you add a time entry in the all-day section, it won’t have a specified time period. Although, you can add a duration to it.

Add time entries to cards on the calendar or timeline

There are two ways how you can add a time entry while being on the calendar or timeline:

1. Click the date where you want to add a time entry. In the opened card editor, select the card type as Time entry. Choose a parent card, correct the time range or duration if needed. Press Create.

Planyway Time Tracking Create On Calendar Or Timeline

2. Open a card and scroll down to find the +Log time section. You can either select to add time manually by picking a date and time as well as entering the number of hours spent on a task, or simply launch the timer. Once you stop it, the timer will add a time entry to a card automatically.

Planyway Time Tracking Log Time In Card

Log time in Trello cards

If you have the Planyway Power-Up or the Extension installed, you can start the timer right from a Trello card or log a time tracking entry manually. You can log the exact number of hours or specify a time range. Additionally, you may add a note to remember what exactly you worked on.

Planyway Time Tracking Log In Trello Card

Note: This option is available in the Planyway Power-Up and in the Chrome Extension only.

Visualize time entries on the calendar and timeline

To show time entries on your calendar or timeline, click View in the navigation bar and select Time entries.

Planyway Time Tracking Visualize Time Entries

Export time entries to Excel/CSV

Here’s the short and simple instruction to follow:

  1. Navigate to the Time tracking tab.

  2. Click Export and choose the option to export to CSV or Excel.

  3. Select the date period you want to include in the report.

  4. Press Export to Excel/CSV and download the file to your computer.

Tip: You can open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel (take a look at the instruction here), as well as in Google sheets (this help article can be handy) or in the other tools.

Compare planned vs. actual hours

Measure performance against estimation with logged and estimated time. To add a time you plan to spend on a card:

  1. Open a card and find the Estimation field.

  2. Click on it to add an estimation.

  3. Define how many hours per day this card is estimated to take.

  4. Press Enter.

Planyway Time Tracking Estimation

To learn more, please check our article about Time Estimation.

Delete time entries

  • In the List view. Click X to the right of a time entry. Hit Delete in the opened window to confirm the action.

Planyway Time Tracking Delete Entry In List

  • Also, you can delete a time entry in the editor of a parent card, following the same steps.

Planyway Time Tracking Delete In Card Editor

  • In the Calendar view. Hover over a time entry and press Shift + Delete (Command + Backspace for Mac) on your keyboard. Besides, you can right-click on it and select Delete manually.

Planyway Time Tracking Delete In Calendar

  • In Trello cards. Click the 3-dot menu next to a time entry in a Trello card and select Delete. Confirm the action by pressing Delete in the popped-up window.

Planyway Time Tracking Delete In Trello
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