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When you need to narrow down the scope of work you’d like to see at a particular moment, filters come to the rescue.

Filter cards by members, labels, and lists

Filters in Planyway are located at the top right. Click on the Filter icon to open the dropdown menu. Select members, labels, or lists to filter your cards.

Planyway Filters Menu

Filters apply not only to the cards on the timeline or calendar but to the cards in the tasklist/board panel as well.

Planyway Filters Task Panel

Filter by Trello Custom fields

Custom fields are one of Trello premium features. It allows users to add more context to their cards.

Planyway can show date type custom fields on the timeline or calendar. Using filters, you can easily spot them. Here’s a simple instruction on how to do it:

1. Open board settings, scroll to the bottom and select custom fields to display.

Planyway Filters Enable Custom Filters Panel

2. Click Filter icon and find Custom fields.

3. Select the custom fields you’d like to filter by.

Additionally, you can add custom filters based on checkbox or dropdown types.

Filter unscheduled cards in the tasklist

To make sure that none of your tasks are left unscheduled, use the filter in the tasklist/board panel.

Planyway Filters Task Panel Unscheduled

Note: This option is available in the Planyway web app and Power-Up only.

Lost your cards? Disable filters to see all cards

When you need to see all cards back again, click on the Filter icon to clear all filters.

Planyway Filters Task Panel Unscheduled
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