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Often, workflows in Trello have a complicated structure that could benefit from an extra level of organization. For example, you might want to break up a task into smaller parts, divide it among multiple people, or simply list things you don’t want to forget. A checklist is the easiest way to track subtasks within a main task.

Planyway Checklists Card View

Add, assign and schedule checklist items

There are a number of ways how you can add new check items to cards.

  • From the card editor. Open a card and click + Add checklist item to add a new one.

Planyway Checklists Add New Card Editor

Come up with a title, add a date range and assign a team member if needed.

Planyway Checklists Assign Check Item Card Editor

  • From the tasklist/board panel. Click on the Add checklist item icon on any card in a list.

Planyway Checklists Add Check Items From Tasklist

Note: This option is available in the Planyway web app and Power-Up only.

Drag and drop a check item to the timeline or calendar, stretch to change duration.

Otherwise, you can add dates and a member to a checklist item manually.

  • From the timeline or calendar. Click anywhere on the calendar or timeline where you’d like to add a new check item. Select the Checklist item card type. Choose a parent card, fix dates and assign a member if needed.

Create multiple checklists

You can add as many checklists as you’d like, and name them to your preference. Click on the Checklist icon on the right side of the card editor to add a new checklist.

Planyway Checklists New Checklist

Hide checklist items

If you don’t need to see check items on the calendar/timeline at the moment, go to the View settings to hide them.

Planyway Checklists Hide From Timleine

Reorder checklist items

You can manually change the order of your check items in the card editor of the parent card.

Manage checklist item status

The number you see next to the Expand checklist item icon on cards in the tasklist/board panel represents the number of incomplete check items. Click on the icon to expand the list of checklist items. You can mark a checklist item complete or incomplete by hitting the corresponding checkbox.

It’s also possible to complete check items on the calendar/timeline or in the parent card.

Delete checklist items

To remove a check item from the calendar, but keep it in a checklist, right-click on an item and choose Remove from calendar.

Planyway Checklists Remove From Calendar

To permanently delete a check item, select Delete. Alternatively, you can delete a check item as well as a whole checklist in a parent card.

Planyway Checklists Delete Checklist
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