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Milestones are a great way to highlight key dates and keep your team aligned with goals and deadlines.

You can work with a milestone as if it were a regular card: add a title, assign to team members, add dependencies, mark as complete.

Add milestones in the Timeline view

To enable milestones, click View settings in the navigation bar. Then, turn on the Milestones toggle to add the Milestones' lane above all others.

Planyway Milestones Timeline View

To add a new milestone, click any date in the milestone lane where you want to add it.

To convert an existing card to a milestone on the timeline, drag a card to the Milestones lane.

Add milestones in the Calendar view

Click the date and time where you want to schedule a new milestone. Find the option Mark as Milestone in the right panel of the card editor. Then press Create.

Planyway Milestones In Calendar View

Tip: Convert any card to a milestone by marking it as milestone in the card editor.

You can easily identify milestones on the calendar by their bright red coloring.

Planyway Milestones Spot On Calendar

In Trello and in the Planyway’s tasklist/board panel, milestones would show as regular cards.

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