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Looking for dates settings? Need to set work hours? Would like to change your name and avatar? We have the answers, let’s see how you can adjust Planyway to your preferences.

Account Settings

Here you’ll find the settings that apply to your account.

Define which day a week starts on, set work hours and work days, change regional format. The regional format setting applies to the date and time format only, not to the language of the app. Planyway is available exclusively in English and in Russian for now.

Collection Settings

Collection settings let you update the name of your collection and choose the color of the collection’s icon.

Tip: You can add emojis to the collections’ names.

Board Settings

In the board settings, you can find and modify the parameters linked only to a specific board.

Board name, color, and Visibility

Here you can change the name and the background of the board, as well as adjust its visibility.

Tip: To move a board to another workspace, please go to Trello.

Sync Planyway and Trello dates

By default, for all new boards you create, Trello’s start and due dates are linked to Planyway’s start and end dates, respectively.

It’s a bit different for the boards that were created before Planyway and Trello dates were completely synced.

You may launch the migration in board settings for the previously created boards. Select the option to sync dates to Trello Start and Due Date, click Save. Then, confirm the action.

Note: Planyway dates will override Trello ones in case of disagreement.

In case you don’t use Trello’s start date, you may choose if you’d like Planyway’s start or end date to show on your Trello cards in Trello.

The Due date (Trello) setting refers to the all-day cards.

The Due time (Trello) refers to the cards that have a due date and due time.

The Do not sync option implies that only the original dates would sync to Planyway, while further changes won’t. A card needs to have dates in order to show up in Planyway, so it’s not possible to completely unlink Trello and Planyway cards.

Default Card duration

This parameter determines the duration of a card you schedule through Trello. E.g., the default duration of cards is set to be 1 day for a board in Planyway. You add a due date and time to a Trello card. The card will sync to Planyway as all-day. Adjust this parameter if needed.

Tip: If a Trello card has a start date, it’ll become an all-day card in Planyway automatically.

Default list and default card position

Set the default list and card position for new cads to get to.

Load max archived cards

The recommended limit for the number of archived cards to load is 1500, however you can increase it if needed.

Custom fields

If you use Trello custom fields, you can enable their visualization on timeline/calendar in the board settings in Planyway.

Notification Settings

Click the bell icon at the top right and then find the gear icon inside the opened window. In the settings of the notification center, you can:

  • Add or disable default reminders added to new cards.

  • Add or disable desktop and in-app notifications.

  • Turn on or off daily overdue email.

More on notification center can be found in the help article Notification center.

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