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16 quick tips and tricks to simplify the way you work
16 quick tips and tricks to simplify the way you work
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Planyway is so cool because it’s super easy to use. Everything here is intuitive and straightforward. However, we still have powers to reveal: 16 tips and tricks to save even more time and get the most out of Planyway.

#1 Speed up with keyboard shortcuts

Love shortcuts? Us too! Have a little scroll through the list below and discover all the handy shortcuts. Before using a shortcut, don’t forget to hover over a card or open a card dialogue.

Tips and Tricks Keyboard Shortcuts

#2 Delete a card with one click

Deleting a card is not the easiest thing on Trello: you need to archive it first, only then delete it from Archived Items. With Planyway you can do it right in the card context menu or by hitting Shift+Delete. But be careful! There's no way to undo this.

Tips and Tricks Delete A Card

#3 Select multiple cards

Are you tired of changing each card one at a time? Just hold down Ctrl while clicking on the cards you need. Then, you can move them all at once.

#4 Adjust card duration

We all create lots of events in the calendar, and it might happen that the default duration doesn’t match well with the one you need more often. In this case, simply go to board settings and toggle on Default card duration, then select the time period that works best.

Tips and Tricks Default Card Duration

#5 Visualize custom fields

When you use Trello Custom Fields to set up extra due dates, you can always visualize them as cards on the calendar or timeline. It will bring more clarity on work happening across the board.

Tips and Tricks Visualize Custom Fields

#6 Drag and drop tasks in your timesheet

To record the time you spend, simply grab the task you worked on today from the list and drag it to the right time slot in the timesheet. The time entry will be automatically created in the card with a wave of a magic wand.

#7 Don’t miss unscheduled cards

Want to figure out which tasks are left unscheduled not to miss something important? Just open the drop-down list in the left top corner and switch from All to Unscheduled.

Tips and Tricks Unscheduled Cards

#8 Collapse lists to make space

Now that you are working with multiple lists, it’s helpful to hide some of them to make your task list look less cluttered. Simply click on the arrow next to the list name to toggle the view on and off.

#9 Add cards to the right list

Once you add a card to the calendar, it will show up in the default list which is the first you have on your board. You can change the default list with no effort in board settings by picking another one in the drop-down menu.

Tips and Tricks Deafult List

#10 Link Trello and Planyway due dates your way

Wondering why Trello and Planyway’s due dates don’t match? No worries! The problem can be solved in less than a minute. Go to board settings and link Trello due dates to Planyway start or end dates. If you choose the Do not link option, only the due date you set when creating a card will be linked. All further changes won’t be synced.

Tips and Tricks Link Trello and Planyway Due Dates

#11 Save your plan in PDF

Have data that you need to show someone? Print out your dazzling data visualization or send it as a PDF file to stakeholders and keep them updated.

Tips and Tricks Print Your Plan

#12 Keep relevant emails in cards

Any task-related email can be forwarded to Trello. You can find a card's email under the Share button on the card back in the bottom right corner. Then, put it in bcc when emailing and all this information will show up in card comments.

Tips and Tricks Relevant Emails In Cards

#13 Show card numbers

Get stuck explaining what card you are talking about? Refer to a card more easily with the card number. Simple as that!

Tips and Tricks Show Cards Numbers

#14 Control your date and time preferences

The world is huge, and we are all used to different time & date formats and weekday order. No worries - we know how to make it work for everyone. Just open account settings and adjust your Regional format, choose when your week starts, and set workdays.

Tips and Tricks Date And Time Preferences

#15 Switch from day to day in weekly calendar

Once you open the weekly calendar, it will open the current week from Monday till Sunday by default. Then, you can easily scroll it forward and backward to see the days you need. Have incomplete tasks by Friday evening? Try to move them to Monday this way. It’s never been easier!

#16 Use the power of Markdown

Add markdown to your cards in the card's description, checklists, and comments to make the text look nice and clear. Learn how you can do it in detail in our article.

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