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Calendar integrations (Outlook, Google, Apple and others) on mobile
Calendar integrations (Outlook, Google, Apple and others) on mobile
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You can sync Planyway with any of your calendars in the mobile app to see and edit events right on the Planyway calendar. It’ll make it super easy to get your full availability and plans together in a single place on the go.

Add calendars to Planyway on mobile

When you install Planyway for iOS or Android, you’ll be asked to allow Planyway to access your calendars. This permission will determine whether calendar events will sync to the Planyway app on your mobile phone.

Calendar Integrations Allow Clendar Access

Note: Planyway mobile app syncs calendar events from the mobile calendars on your phone. Please check if the calendar app on your mobile has all the needed accounts connected. For Outlook Android, please verify that the Outlook app is syncing with your phone.

If you deny the access at first, you’ll have the possibility to connect your calendars later at any moment.

Calendar Integrations Add Calendars Later

Create a calendar event from Planyway on mobile

When scheduling a card, select the Event card type, name it and pick a calendar. Then click Create at the top right.

Calendar Integrations Create Event

If you don’t see the calendar you need, make sure it’s been connected to the mobile app.

Calendar Integrations Select Calendars

Disconnect calendars from the Planyway mobile app

To deny the access Planyway has to your calendars, go to the Settings app. You can check these instructions for Android, and for iOS for more details.

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