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You can use priority levels to mark and sort the most important events on your calendar.

There are four priority levels to choose from:

  • High, marked red.

  • Medium, marked yellow.

  • Low, marked green.

  • No priority, marked with no color, is the default.

In calendar views, your all-day cards are automatically sorted by priority. Tasks with a high priority will be at the top of the all-day list, so you’ll always know what should be done first.

Add priorities on the calendar

To add or change a priority level, right-click a card and choose a priority option. This will highlight the left edge of the card.

Planyway Priorities Add In Calendar

Cards that have the same priorities, same duration and are scheduled for the same dates will be sorted in alphabetical order.

Add priorities in the card editor

You can also change a card’s priority from the card editor itself. Click the area to the right of the flag icon in the card editor and choose a priority level.

Planyway Priorities Add In Card Editor

Remove priorities

To remove a priority from a card, select the No priority option.

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