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Wouldn’t it be lovely to see those fine lines on the timeline, linking one card to another. Well, it’s becoming possible with Dependencies!

Add dependencies

Here are some guidelines on how to set dependencies in Planyway.

Planyway Dependencies Overview

To make a card dependent on any other card or cards, open card editor and click the Dependency field.

Planyway Dependencies Dependency Field

A new dependency will be added to the card. It’s time to choose cards that will come after or before this one. To add a dependent card, start typing its name or select from the drop-down list. And then click on the dependency type to change it:

  • Choose a dependency type Waiting on to add a preceding card.

  • Choose a dependency type Blocking to add a following card.

Planyway Dependencies Add Dependency

To add another dependency, repeat the above steps.

In case you need to check any details of the linked card, click on its name in the dependency field. You’ll be instantly redirected to its card editor.

Planyway Dependencies Redirect To Card

Dependencies can be added not only to cards, but to milestones too!

Planyway Dependencies Add To Milestones

If you see a connecting line highlighted in red, that’s a sign that dates for dependent cards overlap and the blocking card missed the deadline.

Planyway Dependencies Dates Overlap

Remove dependencies

To remove a dependency, hover towards it and click the X icon.

Planyway Dependencies Remove Dependency
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