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Want to be reminded days, hours, or even minutes before a task starts? Planyway can help you with that, and here’s how.

Add reminders to cards

You can add reminders to cards and milestones to be notified of an event before its start.

To add a reminder:

1. Click on a card or a milestone.

2. Find a field called Reminder.

Planyway Reminders Add Reminder

3. Choose one of the preset options or create a custom one.

Planyway Reminders Custom Reminders

4. Allow browser notifications from Planyway if needed.

5. Set a reminder minutes, hours, days, or weeks before a card’s start.

Tip: You can add as many reminders as you’d like.

Watch cards

A person who sets a reminder and all assigned card members will be notified of reminders by default. Other than that, you can receive reminders for any card you’re watching.

Become a watcher by pressing the Watch button in the card menu to the right, or stop being one by clicking the Stop watching button.

Planyway Reminders Watch Card

Enable default reminders

Default reminders allow you to add reminders to all newly created cards automatically. To enable them, click the bell icon, then go to notification center settings and find default reminders.

Planyway Reminders Default Reminders

You can add multiple default reminders that will be automatically added to all new cards.

Disable reminders

To stop receiving reminders, click the Notification center icon to open the notification center. In the opened window, hit the Settings icon to open the notification center settings.

Planyway Reminders Disable Reminders

Remove the marks from the corresponding checkboxes and/or delete default reminders. If you change your mind, you can always go to the notification center settings to turn the notifications back on.

To learn more about Planyway notifications, you’re welcome to check our help article about the Notification center.

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